Media “programs” us every day.


Its power to influence our thoughts, behavior and neurochemistry is profound.

This capacity is only magnified when deployed through immersive 3D formats like VR, AR, and MR, as compared to 2D formats like screens and print.

The combination of Immersive Experience with the equally powerful ability of psychedelics to promote neuro-plasticity (“reprogramming” neural pathways in the brain) offers promising treatment options for cognitive, psychological, motor and functional impairments across a wide range of clinical health conditions.

This backdrop provides the raison d’être for Virtual Psychedelics Inc– a revolutionary biotech / health & wellness company that represents not just the next dimension of treatment, but a new sector of the psychedelics market, and an ancient-future approach to healing the human spirit.

Our Mission

To optimize the use of Virtual eXperience in concert with psychedelic therapy to heal the human spirit

Our Values

At Virtual Psychedelics, every aspect of our approach reflects the values that define who we are as responsible global citizens and members of a shared human family. All of our activities – from our intentional applications of immersive experience, to the individuals and entities we partner with – are guided by our core founding principles.


We bring together some of the world’s most brilliant researchers, scientists and thought-leaders and provide them with the context and environment to tap their highest potential and realize the most transformative applications of the technologies. We don’t just push the boundaries, we expand them.


The psychedelic renaissance is upon us, an incredible marriage of ancient Indigenous knowledge and the latest scientific discoveries. VPI is dedicated to bringing together disparate, siloed technologies to maximize their holistic potential and effectively integrate emerging research. Dedicated to ensuring that no one is left behind as we journey together into the next stage of growth, health, and wellness. VPI aims to be an inclusive global beacon for the convergence of psychedelic therapy and immersive multi-sensory experience R&D.


With deep reverence for the magic of plants and the healing potential of immersive experience, Compassion and Respect for all living beings and the planet are at the foundation of everything we do.


The world is changing. Now, more than ever, we need leaders we can trust, companies that value people over profits, and organizations that can harness the power of global networks and emerging toolsets to address the many challenges awaiting us. At VPI, leadership by example is a responsibility we take seriously – holding ourselves to the highest standards of global excellence, honesty, and integrity.

Our Approach

Our insistence on ethical research and business practices, our commitment to principles of scientific integrity, and our dedication to finding and collaborating with the most outstanding people in their respective fields, all speak to our desire to pioneer this exciting new space with leadership.

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